How to Start Soya Chaap Manufacturing Business?

If we talk about soya chaap, then the trend of serving it as a starter in parties and marriage function is increasing in India.

If we talk about soya chaap, then the trend of serving it as a starter in parties and marriage function is increasing in India. The main feature of soya chaap is it cooks in the oil pan as well as tandoor. You will find this food item easily from malls to Dhaba ( Roadside Restaurant). In this article, we will talk about all the information on How to start soya chaap manufacturing business in India?

People are changing their food habits and shifting from non-veg to veg to start a healthy and non-meat eating lifestyle. Many are aware of their health and want to adapt healthy way of life. In today’s time, people are very busy in their work and career that they forget to give for their health. Eating proper and healthy food is a necessity in today’s running life.

For good health you need to eat healthy food which has many nutritional value. In the top of the list of healthy food items, which is rich in proteins and less in cholesterol is soyabean. For Vegetarian, soyabean is very effective as it substitute their protein need from meat and eggs. Many doctors also prefer to eat soyabean for heart patients as it is low in cholesterol and fat. This is the reason, soyabean items like soyabean milk, chunks, soyabean chaap, flour, soya Paneer, soya sauce, etc are used in our diet daily.

Raw Materials

You should have the proper soya chaap making and processing business plan before starting this business, the first thing you will need is the raw materials. Some of them are:

  • Soyabean Flour
  • Wheat Barn or Wheat Flour
  • Oil
  • Maida or All purpose Flour

Area Requirement

Soya chaap making business is a small scale business and need very less area when compare to other heavy work business. The area required to start this business on a small scale is minimum 1500 to 2000 Sq.ft of land. If you want to store the frozen soya chaap in your cold storage, then the area will also increase. If you want to start this business, then you can store the soya chaap in others cold storage to save your place and investment.

Process of making soya chaap

While starting any food business, the main ingredient which makes them unique from other competitors is the recipe and taste. The process of making plays an important role in the taste of the final product. You should try many recipe and then fix the portion and quantity of every item which is used in the process.

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